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the fran dutch mixed media collage artist 2021

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

My name is The Fran and I am a Dutch collage artist who loves to play with colour, composition and botanical shapes.

I love cutting up my work, literally ‘ending’ it, to make something new. Every new collage brings together earlier work in unexpected ways.

I am continuously exercising attachment and detachment as I subsequently create art and destroy it. It’s like my own circle of art.

Do yourself a favour.
Art. By The Fran.


Winter season
colourful collages of plants on home grown veggies by the fran visual artist 2021
Collages from magazines and ink drawings
Glimpses of Ink

Why colourful collages?

On the brink of 2021 I found my signature style as an artist: colourful collages with lots of layers and playful compositions. After two years of fiercely experimenting with everything I could lay my hands on it suddenly stroke. I am supposed to make what comes naturally!

Colourful collages are always sneaking up on me. When I’m taking a day off, when I am abroad during a summer holiday, when I am on a train… If I have some scissors with me and some paper they will emerge from my hands even if I’m absent minded.

During the last weeks of 2020 I was practically exhausted. A week earlier I moved into my new art studio and my husband had just told me that he also wanted to move to a new home. And I was like: are you kidding me? Can a person just enjoy one week in her life without any drastic changes? Apparently not. Even so I kept on going to my studio every morning. Not expecting anything extraordinary to happen. But just to be surrounded by my art. Bracing myself for everything that was about to change in 2021.

After two weeks I found myself making collages. And it escalated quickly. Within a week I made 45 of them and at first I really didn’t know what hit me! Wasn’t I tired of 2020? Wasn’t I trying to save my energy for all those things my husband cooked up? Apparently I was! And apparently I needed to make collages to feel energized and ready again.

So here we are: from now on I will make colourful collages. And no virus or lockdown or social distancing or husband with life changing plans can stop me.

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