As I wrote earlier: being on total lockdown because of corona gave me inspiration to finally write this blog about my Date Palm design. This design, part of the Hortus by Night autumn collection, has the most summery feel of them all. It’s like a transition design between the Majorelle summer collection and the autumn collection. So let’s take a look at it!

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From painting to pattern

The Date Palm design is based onĀ the oilpainting Date Palm I painted January-May 2019. I used oil paints and ink and tried to capture the majestic palms I encountered during the Hortus by Night. To create the design I mirrored my painting and scaled it on scarfs, cushions and larger fabric which I made into table linens.

Like I said the Date Palm design feels to me like a transition design between my summer Majorelle Collection and my autumn Hortus by Night collection. It captures an Indian summer feel with saturated colours like pink, green and blue. The shapes in the pattern remind me of my time in Africa, which was my main inspiration for the Majorelle Collection.

So in many ways this design transfers my love of exotic summer vibes to my love of autumn colours and feels. The different shades seen in this picture gradually develop themselves in the other designs of the Hortus by Night collection, to become more autumn-y. Bright Date Palm blue becomes a grey blue in the Giant Bamboo design. The soft green becomes a moss green in the Silver Fir design and the vibrant pink becomes an autumn leaf magenta-red colour in the Arum Lily design.

date palm painting the fran zone 2019
date palm design the fran zone herfstcollectie 2019 hortus by night

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Date Palm cashmere scarf

The Date Palm cashmere scarf is the perfect scarf for anyone who loves to pair blue with shades of green. Because it adds that little something special by those touches of pink and purple. As you can see it’s a real show stopper worn as head wrap. But of course it also shines around your shoulders! I love to wear bright shades of pink lipstick with this scarf and defy the autumn chills just a little longer. Still available in my shop!

You can order it now in my online store >

hortus by night collectie herfst cashmere sjaal the fran zone
date palm design cashmere scarf the fran zone

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Date Palm cushion

Don’t you think this cushion is a stunner? It works well on every couch I’ve seen it on so far: light grey, dark grey, dark blue, black and brown. Because of it’s bright energy it’s a real crowd pleaser. Adding some colour to your living room has never been easier! It’s still available.

Order now >

cushions hortus by night autumn collection
date palm cushion the fran zone satin cover hortus by night collection on a dark grey couch

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Limited edition table linens

This handmade limited edition Date Palm table linens are the perfect decor for your Indian summer dinner party. Enjoy it with friends and revel in the sweet treats of late summer and early autumn. Still available in my online shop.

Order now >

limited edition table linens hortus by night autumn collection
fairy tale wedding party dinner table linens date palm design the fran zone

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Matching jewellery by Studio Glashelder

The glass jewel Studio Glashelder designed to go with the Date Palm scarf is by far my favourite of the season. It features a large emerald green glass jewel with inside of it a darker greenish black stripe of glass. On top there’s a small streak of soft lilac to add some colour. It’s the perfect balance between rough beauty and sophisticated elegance. And it’s still available!

Order it now >

glass jewellery by studio glashelder large green glass jewel with lilac stripe on top of it
ring bij herfstcollectie cashmere sjaals the fran zone studio glashelder

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