The next couple of months I am joining the Artist Support Pledge. Both on instagram, on my website and in my shop. All fun and games, but what does that entail?

available through artist support pledge mixed media collage the fran 2020
Available through #artistsupportpledge


The Artist Support Pledge was initiated by Matthew Burrows. The corona crisis caused all art markets, art shows and galleries to close, cancel or call off until further notice. Burrows figured artists could support each other by pledging to buy each others works off instagram. He started the hashtag #artistsupportpledge and the instagram account by the same name.

Since it’s start in April it has already created a small but dynamic art sales market between artists. And more importantly it has created a generous art community online. And it goes far beyond the art world, because anyone can contribute and become part of the community.

Available through #artistsupportpledge
Available through #artistsupportpledge


So, how does it work? It’s brilliantly simple: as an artist I post artworks online which I want to sell as part of the Artist Support Pledge for no more than €200,- By doing so I pledge that when I reach a €1.000,- in sales I will buy an artwork by another artist who is joining the Artist Support Pledge community. So this pledge is contagious, but in a good way!

And the good news: anybody can buy the work. So not only artists, but also you, who just loves art!

All my paper originals are now no more than €200,- So this is the perfect time if you had your eyes on one of them. Go grab it before someone else does and use your Fran Zone discount to get it for only €180,- (if you’re not in The Fran Zone you can enter here).

Available through artist support pledge ink drawing gerona the fran 2019
Available through #artistsupportpledge
Available through #artistsupportpledge


When I heard about the Artist Support Pledge I immediately decided to join. I think it’s so elegant and simple. I just love to support my fellow artists, painters, potters, mixed media artists, sculptors, you name it.

After joining I discovered all these talented people who make the most beautiful art. That feels like the cherry on the cake. Go check them out:


It’s very easy to contribute to the Artist Support Pledge if you would like to: just buy one of the artworks offered for sale by me or by one of those talented artists you just browsed through. It is very much appreciated. Your sale will act like a ripple and will support not only the artist you buy from, but many many more.

Thanks so much for joining! And I am curious: who’s your favourite artist out of my selection? If you tell me yours in the comments I will tell you mine!

The Fran for scale (no, just kidding).
Available through artist support pledge ink drawing el turros the fran 2019
Available through #artistsupportpledge

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