Join my summer art giveaway to win my original ‘Apricot’ drawing worth €97,-

It’s been a weird spring this year so I figured we could all use some colourful inspiration. So let us together celebrate summer with some bold exotic art!


My Apricot drawing worth €97,-

The artwork is 29.7 x 42 cm and it comes to you signed and framed + I will add a personal message.


  1. Click one of the green buttons to enter the giveaway
  2. After entering you will receive a confirmation e-mail
  3. On the 9th of August – in the midst of summer – I will draw the winner


For those of you who’d like to know more:

I made the Apricot drawing last summer during my art retreat in Catalonia. Inspired by all the exotic fruits from the Mediterranean and my study of physics I decided to make a series of fruit artworks on earth and in space. The Apricot was the first drawing I made. The whole series of exotic fruits I made that summer was actually inspired by an apricot I found in the wild.

I have always been fascinated by the bright orange colour and texture of apricots. As a child I remember I found apricots way too colourful to eat them. How could something so vibrant be meant for food? And their soft outside texture made me feel sorry for them when I put my teeth in them…

Fascination makes good inspiration for art though. For me this Apricot is summer art at its best. It’s juicy, bright and colourful. I placed this Apricot in space to invite you to look up to the stars and wonder at their magnificence. But not to forget about the apricot while looking at the stars. Fruit has its own marvel. With these Exotic Fruits series I wish to connect the luminaries in space with those on earth. And create awareness of the magnificence so much closer to home.

A magnificence you can now win!

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