This week I’ve been busy with redecorating my studio wall. I discovered that I needed another studio scenery. New work asks for new inspiration. And what better inspiration than your own art?

studio wall how to inspire yourself as an artist
All new works in progress
all these new works and works in progress have been pinned on my studio wall
Laying on the floor
new ink drawings by the fran visual artist 2020
Had me jumping around my studio


My studio wall used to be quite clean. I wanted to showcase some larger works on it and so I did. Last month I started with some new works on paper (and with some I mean like 30 at once) so my studio floor was packed with art. I always love laying out my works in progress on the floor. But it becomes something else when you have to jump around your studio trying not to step on anything…

So I needed something to put all my works in progress on display. To watch them, get inspired, get new ideas for the foregrounds, maybe experiment a little bit with them in my head. And that’s when I thought of using that empty wall as a pin board!


This is my studio wall at the moment: an XXL pin board! I love it! It is super useful and it helps me organise my ideas and inspirations. The wall is so large it could easily feature all my current works in progress AND more. So I’ve also pinned my most recent oil pastel drawings and colour studies onto it.

new studio wall with my most recent work the fran visual artist 2020
new studio wall with my most recent work the fran visual artist 2020
new studio wall with my most recent work the fran visual artist 2020


With redecorating often comes something else which I like to call studio serendipity. It’s something that happens between you and your art that you couldn’t have thought of otherwise. Or that probably wouldn’t have happened hadn’t you changed the status quo.

In this case it’s this collection of seven colourful base layers. I pinned them on my studio wall and I suddenly realised I could combine them into one super large panorama painting. How exciting! Who would’ve thought! Not sure what to do with them yet. So stay tuned!

new art everywhere studio view by the fran visual artist 2020
base layers of new paintings on the studio floor of the fran visual artist 2020
studio serendipity a panorama painting is emerging the fran visual artist 2020


If you’d like to visit my studio to see all my available art you are more than welcome for a corona proof studio visit. Also, if you have you eyes set on a particular piece but you want to experience it in real life first, you’re more than welcome.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment. I’d be happy to meet you.

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