Archive of all my posts and videos about my art and my artistic process.


03/05/2021 Collage galore: all my new work in one blog post

27/12/2020 Lockdown art: how to make the best of it as an artist
12/11/2020 Expanding portfolio: my new art online
29/10/2020 Botanical abstracts: check out my new carefree art experiments
16/10/2020 My love affair with Applecross
10/09/2020 New art ideas to experiment with
06/08/2020 Ceramic Art: my first results
23/07/2020 Oil pastels experiments
10/07/2020 Tucson series: WIP
25/06/2020 XXL mixed media collages: Sprouting Paradise
11/06/2020 New drawings: Tucson city scenes
20/05/2020 New collages: Happy Habits + New & Familiar
14/01/2020 Minerals in the making


26/04/2021 How to recreate your own art (or not)
10/02/2021 Find the special techniques that make your art unique
11/01/2021 Artist signature style found and how I did it

11/10/2020 How to find your signature style as an artist
02/10/2020 Authenticity and connection: the art of letting go
18/09/2020 Studio wall: how to inspire yourself as an artist
04/09/2020 Art talk: how I make art behind the scenes


10/05/2021 Drowning in collage supplies
26/01/2021 What makes a great artist studio?
13/01/2021 Kick off your 2021 with the best online artist collab

05/11/2020 Organising art: a new way of browsing
25/09/2020 Art Membership: how to make yourself feel good!
21/08/2020 Art can change your life – let it!
17/07/2020 New logo The Fran – visual artist
02/07/2020 Summer Art Giveaway (closed)
18/06/2020 Luxembourg Art Prize 2020
27/05/2020 Artist Support Pledge explained
13/05/2020 My own art studio
21/02/2020 New paper products!
16/12/2019 Christmas thank you (with free art download)
03/12/2019 Switch to English: the real reason


04/01/2021 About bearing fruit + how to enjoy art during lockdown

04/06/2020 Make your life better with my art
14/04/2020 Creativity during COVID-19: 4 tips
13/04/2020 Frida Kahlo: celebrated or used?
06/04/2020 Frances Macdonald MacNair & Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh
31/03/2020 Inspiration in isolation
07/01/2020 Henri Matisse and his joie de vivre


18/01/2021 Moving Forward: online art exhibition opens January 20

16/03/2020 Studio Glashelder X The Fran Zone part 2
16/03/2020 Studio Glashelder X The Fran Zone part 1
02/03/2020 De Fabriekswinkel X The Fran Zone

24/12/2019 Hortus Magazine x The Fran Zone
11/09/2019 Eindhoven Maker Faire: Experience Majorelle

Archive of Studio updates in Dutch:

Schildervakantie in Spanje

Hortus by Night serie
De eerste resultaten: Hortus by Night
Bezoek aan de Hortus by Night

Gele Agave design
Groene Cactus design
Blauwe Varen design
Olifantsoor design
Roze Banaan design
Stoffen, sjaals & kussens
Van schilderij naar stof naar kussenhoes
Majorelle Collectie coming soon
De Majorelle Tuin in Marrakesh

De Arts & Crafts beweging
De Majorelle Tuin in Marrakesh
Zomer in Les Bois des Moutier
Lente in Logan Botanic Garden
Koraal: de kleur van de zomer 2019
Lila: de kleur van de lente 2019
Kobaltblauw: de kleur van de winter 2019

Gert de Mulder: keramiste & recycle-artist
Elise Neve: glaskunstenares van Studio Glashelder
Dorine Boudewijn: modeontwerpster van Atelier ByDo
José Verhoef: kleurcoach van Op & Top Jij

Gertrude Jekyll: de eerste holistische tuinarchitect
Yayoi Kusama: en haar polka dot universum
Margaret & Frances MacDonald: grondleggers van de Glasgow School
Frida Kahlo: kunst & karakter

Mijn creatieve proces
The Fran Style
Superpowers (deel 3)
Plezier boven alles (deel 2)
Onderscheidende creatieve energie (deel 1)


Doelen stellen voor 2020. Of toch niet?
Timelapse Mineraal
Creatief kwartet
Op zoek naar mijn theory of everything
Mijn twee beste vrienden: creativiteit en angst
Picasso museum in Barcelona
Schilderen in Spanje
Work in progress: studio update uit Spanje
Inspiratie in Spanje: de verdwaalde abrikoos
Studio update in Spanje: rondleiding
Haarband knopen
Kun je creativiteit plannen?
Mijn toffe afwijking