new & familiar composition of 16 mixed media collages by the fran 2020 original artwork
New & Familiar, composition of 16 mixed media collages, appr. 90 x 130 cm. €777,- incl. frame.


This New & Familiar composition of 16 mixed media collages is available as a whole for €777,- It comes framed and will be approximately 110 x 150 cm (incl. frame). Please contact me if you’re interested because I haven’t put it in my shop yet.


new & familiar mixed media collage composition by the fran 2020 original artwork
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I was tidying my cupboard and discovered the two collages I made a year ago during art class. My art teacher encouraged me to start making collages. To try out new forms, shapes and different colour schemes. At first I was stubborn of course and I didn’t see the need.

Until I started cutting. I discovered I LOVE cutting coloured paper and who’s worried about ‘need’ when you’re having fun? I might have known though, because I loved cutting paper as a child and always made paper doilies. You know the drill? Fold a paper until you got a small square. Then cut it up, make little holes and tiny shapes, but maintain the integrity of the paper. Fold it open and voila: there is your paper doily!

So before I knew it there was a complete new batch of 16 mixed media collages lying on the floor of my new art studio. Inspired by my love of paper doilies as a child. And that’s why they’re new & familiar at the same time.


The specs of my New & Familiar mixed media collage are: 16 x size A4 (21 x 29.7 cm). Including frame it will approximately be 110 x 130 cm, depending on your framing preferences. I used black ink, coloured ink, oil pastels and crayon on layers of different kinds of paper (water colour paper, drawing paper, sketch paper).


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