As a child I had to survive inside a hostile environment pretending I was doing fine. During those years my true self went into hiding. After years of struggling and taking all the wrong paths I hit rock bottom a couple of years back. It was through art that I found something that could be unconditionally mine. Something that would always have my back. And since then little pieces of my soul have come out of hiding. This stepping into the light has been the most rewarding, most scary and most emotional journey I have ever made. All the while art has been my ally and my most avid supporter. It challenges me to step even further into the light every single day and reflecting more and more of that light back into the world.

I’ve chosen art as my lifelong companion and I intend to use the rest of my life to give my all to my art practice. My aim is to make soul soothing art to comfort, inspire, enlighten and refresh.

If you would like to contact me, please send an e-mail to francine@francineorsel.nl or use the contact form.



I make Indian ink drawings, oil paintings, mixed media collages and sculptures. I always make art in series. My art never stands alone.

I explore juxtapositions. I’m always in search of context, the bigger picture and additional perspectives. I aim to understand every point of view. Maybe that’s the reason I explore my subjects in more than one painting.

I find inspiration on the crossroads of nature and humankind. Like indigenous ways of life, botanical gardens and the sciences.

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ink drawings tucson inspired by photographs by Robert de Garde the fran new art 2020
about my work - the fran visual artist 2020
about my work - the fran visual artist 2020


As of May 2020 I have my own art studio located in the city of Den Bosch, The Netherlands. I work with ink, paint, clay and wood.

More about my studio…

about my work place
about my work place
about my work place

Once a year I take a creative retreat somewhere in Europe. In 2019 I painted the 2020 summer art collection in Catalonia while staying at an old ‘hacienda’ located on the slope of a hill in the country side near Olot. Sounds romantic right? Let me just say: I am not build for temperatures above 27 degrees Celcius. So I was very happy when I got home XD

More about my artist residency in Catalonia… (in Dutch)

l'estartit cactus spanje 2019
schildervakantie spanje 2019 atelier
schildervakantie atelier el turros spanje 2019


My ultimate dream is to one day have a cottage in the Northwestern Scottish region of Wester Ross. My plan is to build an art studio next to it and create a great garden in front with a tea house. I am planning to join the North Coast 500 artistic community and I am looking forward to inspiring collaborations with other Scottish artists and makers.

More about Scotland…


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