Vibrant scarves and cushions for the outspoken and unapologetic.

The Fran Zone is an art and pattern design label by Dutch artist and designer The Fran. Inspired by all things botanical.

The Fran Zone’s designs are all based on original oil paintings by The Fran.

At the moment we offer silk and cashmere scarves, canvas and satin cushions and organic cotton. To stay updated about new products and designs: follow @thefranzone_shop on instagram.

The Fran Zone also loves to put the spotlight on inspirational, vibrant contemporary art by young talented artists. Find our favourites on the inspiration part of the blog.


Francine Orsel (aka The Fran) is the creative beating heart of The Fran Zone. She didn’t paint until she turned 30. But after that there was no turning back. It was time to create!

Curious by nature she kept developing the idea of art on fabric, resulting in scarves, cushions and cotton with her art designs printed on them.

Fascinated by the nature of the world and the world of nature she is currently exploring the art of evolution, gravity and physics. This leads not only to inspiration for her art and new collections for The Fran Zone. On a personal level she is also working on a new way of looking at environmental and feminist issues in order to raise awareness and spread knowledge.

If you’re interested in this personal mission, you can check out her instagram @francine_orsel or sign up for her newsletter.


The Fran Zone stands for independent thinking, feminism and eco-friendly living. So you can be sure we do everything in our power to produce as climate friendly as possible.

We work together with talented female designers (such as Studio Glashelder) and with organisations that love to work together with nature as well (de Hortus Amsterdam).

We invite all women to broaden their minds, to find, follow and use their voices. To highlight and guard all that they hold dear on this good earth.


On a small space of 12m2 in the city of Den Bosch, The Netherlands The Fran paints and designs her collections.

Once a year she takes a creative retreat somewhere in Europe. in 2019 she painted the 2020 spring/summer collection in Catalonia while staying at an old ‘hacienda’ located on the sleep of a hill in the country side near Olot.

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