Fran Polis is a visual artist from The Netherlands, whose practice primarily involves painting, drawing and collaging.

Graduated as a Cultural Historian from Radboud University in 2009 with minors in Art, Dutch Language and Culture and Teaching she is a self-taught artist, educating herself through books, exhibitions and years of practice. Her work is inspired by historical Latin-American and Mediterranean city scenes.

At the heart of Fran’s practice is the mixing of her own colour palette. Her palette of choice captures an atmosphere whether it is tropical, desertic or Mediterranean. What drives her to paint is the interplay of human and natural patterns. In particular (botanical) gardens, parks, terraces, facades and interiors are places of inspiration.

Creating replenishing images that allow you to come home in nature is important to Fran, in order to capture and share the recharging energy of her experience with the viewer.